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The idiom "Under Your Skin" usually refers to something that is annoying. In the case of body piercing and tattoos it could refer to a pain that is a pleasure. Body piercing is punctuated with the miner short-term discomfort followed by the joy of adornment of beautifying jewels and bobbles (or maybe studs and spikes). It may be a form of expression that you are willing take to extremes to display your inner self, or simply to dangle a little frill from the ear lobe. Once the initial commitment is made and executed the possibilities of what you display is limited only by your modesty and budget.

The You Pierced web site is an exhibit of body art. It is a gallery of people displaying their "Under Your Skin" art appreciation. It is a celebration of forms of self expression. This site may be seen as a "mainstream" display of non-mainstream individuals.  

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