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You Pierced What? Types Of Body Piercings

Dirty Doll's Body Piercings


Dirty Doll Types of Body Piercings - ©  www.youpierced.com Nose Piercings  Information & photos Ear Piercings  Information & photos Nipple Piercings  Information & photos Navels Piercings  Information & photos Surface Piercings  Information & photos Eyebrow Piercings  Information & photos Lip Piercings  Information & photos

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Head Piercings(Choose Page)

Facial Piercing –  Cheek
Ear Piercing – Earlobe, Cartilage, Antitragus, Conch, Gauge, Snug, Daith/Doth/Rook, Helix, Industrial/Scaffold/Construction
Eyebrow Anti-eyebrow, Eyebrow, Tears, Tear Drops
Lip Piercing Monroe, Bites, Medusa, Labret
Nose Piercing Nostril, Septum, Bridge
Tongue Piercing  

Man's Septum Nose Piercing - © Copyrighted: www.YouPierced.com
Body Piercings –  
Navel –
Ø Nipple
Surface –  Nape, Madison, Hip, Corset

Labret Lip Piercinng


Female Genital Piercings 
Christina –
Clitoris –
Fourchette –
Hood, horizontal/ vertical –
Isabella –
Labia, inner/outer hood –
Nefertiti piercing –
Princess Albertina –
Triangle – 

Male Genital Piercings 
Christina piercing – Ampallang – Apadravya – Hafada – Foreskin –
Deep shaft piercing – Dolphin – Dydoe – Frenum ladder –
Frenum – Guiche – Lorum – Prince Albert – Pubic –
Reverse Prince Albert – Tran scrotal piercing

Body piercing jewelry...
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