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Head Piercings –
Ear: Earlobe, Cartilage, Snug, Conch...

 Ear cartilage piercings, Antitragus piercing, Plug Ear Piercing - ©  www.YouPierced.com

Ear Piercing – 
Types of Piercings

Earlobe, Cartilage, Antitragus, Snug, Daith/Doth/Rook, Conch, Helix, Industrial/Scaffold/Construction

- Earlobe – is the piercing of the lower “fleshy” area of the ear where “fashion earrings” are typically worn. This is what is commonly referred to as “ear piercing”.

– Ear cartilage piercings –
are in the firmer part of the upper ear

– Antitragus piercing – is a perforation of the inner ear cartilage just outside of the ear canal

– Snug (or Antihelix Piercing) – a piercing passing through the anti-helix ridge of the ear from the medial to lateral surfaces

– Daith/Doth/Rook piercing – is a perforation of the cartilage on the outer rim of the ear cartilage closest to the head.

– Conch piercing – is either the concave curve of the ear or a ring from the inner curve around the outer edge of the ear.

– Helix piercing – is a perforation of the upper ear

– Industrial/Scaffold/Construction piercing – is typically two piercings in a different areas connected with on pierce of jewelry.


Gauged ear piercing, neck tattoos

Gauged ear piercing, neck tattoos

Rook piercing (upper) Conch piercing (lower),
Gauged plug piercing
Ear Plug piercing, Snug Piercing, Nose Septum Piercing, Lip Ring Piercing - ©  www.YouPierced.com

Industrial/Scaffold/Construction piercing , Gauged plug piercing,
Septum Nose Piercing, Lower Lip Piercing

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Ear Studs  

Gauged ear piercing, neck tattoos Large ear gaugings neck tattoos

Gauged ear piercing, neck tattoos

Man's large ear gauging


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Gauge ear piercing

Gauged ear piercing


Gauged Ear Man - You Pierced

Gauged Ear Man

Gauged ear piercing man


Gauged Ears Man - You Pierced

Large Gauged ears piercing







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Gauged Ear Man - You Pierced


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