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Head Piercings –
Nose Piercings – Nostril – Septum – Bridge

Nose Piercing – 
Types of Piercings

Nostril, septum, and bridge piercings

– Nostril piercing - Ring or stud jewelry

Septum/Bull Nose piercing - piercing of the cartilage between the nostrils

– Bridge piercing – piercing through the bridge of the nose, usually between the eyes. A variation is the Vertical Bridge piercing


Nose Stud Piercing, lip ring

Septum Nose Piercing, Lower Lip Piercing, Rook piercing ear (upper) Conch ear piercing (lower), Gauged plug piercing,,  
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Eyebrow Piercing, Nose Ring Piercing, Snake Bite Lip Piercing, Medusa Lip Piercing, Gauged Plug Piercing nose stud piercing Nose Ring


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